Banner Wars / by zhaophotography

Banner vs Banner

Duck vs Duck

We at the Eat a Duck I Must household are at an impasse.  A new year calls for a new banner.  Each of us have designed a new banner for the blog, and each of us think we have the winning design. I won't reveal the banner's owner, but you get to decide the winner!

We present to you

Eggcetera Eggcetera


In the Mood for Tuna

Leave a comment and cast your vote!


Thanks everyone for voting! And by a small margin (ha!), Eggcetera Eggcetera has won the banner war! Contrary to popular belief, Eggcetera Eggcetera was designed by Alice and In the Mood for Tuna was designed by Jared. Oh... *ahem* Jared wants to point out that he took the poached egg photo.