Beard Papa’s to arrive in November! / by Alice Zhao

Back in February we had taken a trip out to LA. While we were there, we dropped by Beard Papa's which really reminded us of the giant cream puffs we had in Japan. Our open post explicitly called for a store to be opened up in Chicago. It's just not fair that the west coast gets all the good stuff! Well apparently Beard Papa heard us and decided to heed the call because we just found out that there will be a brand new store opening up mid-November in downtown Chicago. Wahoooooo! It'll be located on the infamous block 37 when they finally open up the building to the public. This is absolutely perfect (as you know the world revolves around us) since we will be returning from our trip to Asia and I think these delicious cream puffs will suppress any urge to hop on another plane and head back!
Check out their blog about their store opening process or follow them on twitter to stay updated!
Also check out the Beard Papa website to find out more!