A Break from Beef- Yay Salmon! / by Alice Zhao

Ok so our friends didn't finish the whole supply of beef but we needed a break and Jared grilled (yes, grilled, in 30 degree weather) salmon fillets. Very few things separate this man and his grill. The salmon was lightly sprinkled with salt, pepper and garlic powder. And as always, the salmon was grilled to a nice medium. The texture is so buttery, it only tastes better that way!

We also blanched yu-choy for some veggies and ate the dish with rice. There's a sauce that he adds that makes any and all vegetables taste absolutely amazing-- It's a secret and I'm not allowed to tell you just yet. If you're lucky, I'll one day do a post about it when Jared's not looking. ;) But, that also means you'll have to come back for that!

prepared by jxz

some day, we'll graduate out of our typical bokeh shots. but for now, this is what you get. deal. :)