Chambana: Cocomero / by Alice Zhao

Cocomero, UIUC, Champaign-Urbana, Self-serve Frozen Yogurt

To our surprise, when we biked passed the Union, we found Cocomero, a frozen yogurt store, in place of the former Moonstruck. I'm not one to pass up frozen yogurt these days so we had no choice but to stop in for a quick snack. To our surprise, you weren't limited to the 3 or 4 flavors or toppings as the typical yogurt stores that have been popping up everywhere. In fact you weren't even limited to order size! Cocomero is self-serve and serve myself I did! They had a long array of flavors including Original Tart, Mango, Peach and Honeydew. And thankfully they also had mochi bits. I was a little worried as I continued to pack on the toppings, but when our order was rung, it still ended up cheaper ($0.39/ounce) than a small Berry Chill cup. It's too bad there isn't one of these self-serve yogurt stores near me. But perhaps it's for the best because I'd be visiting it every day!

Cocomero, UIUC, Champaign-Urbana, Self-serve Frozen Yogurt
709 S. Wright St.
Champaign, IL 61820