Chambana: Japan House / by Alice Zhao

After lunch we headed over to Japan House over on Lincoln to walk off our meal. My fondest memory of this place was the ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) class I took during my senior year. You would think this is a fun blow off class for your last semester in college, but let me tell you, the 4 hour long class takes a toll on you. Though, sometimes Kimiko sensei would have tea and sweets for her students.

We thought we'd use this mini vacation as photography practice with our shiny new (used) camera toys. Here you can catch a glimpse of what we shoot with.

Alice took these of me and practiced her silhouette shots.

I took these of Alice. I find myself particularly attracted to the wood in the photo and not so much to Alice's feet. ;)

Snapshots of Japan House

This one by far is my favorite picture from that afternoon.

Japan House, UIUC
2000 S. Lincoln Ave
Urbana, IL 61802