Choose Your Own Egg Adventure / by zhaophotography

Choose Your Own Egg Adventure

I was so excited when I first saw @Good call for their readers to "Redesign the Recipe".  I figured there'd be a lot of great graphic design posters in the competition.  And let's face it, I'm not a graphic designer- as much as I truly wish I were.  Heck, I'm an art school drop out.  (Seriously, who drops out of art school?)  So I chose to focus on what we do best- take food photos!  I had a lot of ideas, but various images of eggs in different raw and cooked states kept coming back to me.  This came out pretty close to how I originally imagined it though we had to leave some images on the cutting room floor to create a more simplistic and clean design.  And true to both of our engineering backgrounds, we figured there had to be some type of flow chart/diagram to make sense of it all.

Check out all the other great submissions and choose your favorite redesign!

Oh, and big thanks to Jared for doing all the cooking, post processing and helping me with the final aesthetic edits.  We are team! (Yes, I meant to write it that way)