Constructor Fair Funness! / by Alice Zhao

Jared and I stopped by the Constructor Craft fair on Sunday and had such a fun time picking up craft items and speaking with local artists.  I'm a big fan of supporting entrepreneurs and all of the vendors there completely wowed us with all their creativity.  Warning: cuteness overload ahead.
Constructor Craft Fair, Herb + Ginger
One of the first stalls we stopped by was at Herb + Ginger.  Really cutely packaged tea tins with fun flavors of tea.  We picked up the Queen Caramel tea with little chunks of caramel.

Constructor Craft Fair, Wonder Wheel
I had a quick conversation with Rosamund of Wonder Wheel who recommended that I try out Rocco DiSpirito's Mama's Meatballs recipe.  (You'll need to stay tuned for that!)

Constructor Craft Fair, Nerfect, Diabolical Hot Dog

Jared couldn't resist the awesomeness of this t-shirt of the Diabolical Hot Dog.  Can you?

Constructor Craft Fair, Pockit Palz

I passed by this table so many times only to stop and continue playing with these monsters!

Constructor Craft Fair, My Perennial

How cute are these?!?!?!  Jen Hopwood of My Perennial makes these adorable shirts with interchangeable felt snap ons.  Let your kids decide what shirt they really want to wear!  We purchased a cute little pink shirt with a creamsicle pop and a frog for our friend's little baby girl.  

Constructor Craft Fair, Sheriff Peanut

Bacon and Eggs... om nom nom nom.  Norah @ Sheriff Peanut makes the best bibs I have ever seen.  I ended up purchasing a little plush giraffe for my nephew, but forgot to take a picture!
Constructor Craft Fair, Steff Bomb
This was one of our favorite stalls with the cutest plush food items.  The top picture features plush cotton candy packaged in cotton candy bags too.  I really wanted that carrot and ice cream sandwich but we ran out of money, fast! Check out her website for more outrageously creative plush items.  =)
I didn't realize until now that almost all the pictures of the crafts were food related.  But it only makes sense, doesn't it?