Cornbread Muffins, not from a box! / by Alice Zhao

Typically when we decide to make cornbread, we grab a box of Jiffy cornbread mix and all we need is an egg and milk. Just last week, we were at the supermarket and suddenly felt cravings for cornbread. As I was walking over to the bake aisle, I was haunted by the wise words of KC, a past coworker of mine.  Several years ago, he had successfully convinced me that hydrogenated oils/trans fats are seriously bad for you and since then I had been trying to cut it out of anything I ate. Usually this applies to a lot of boxed foods that say "just add water".  Partially hydrogenated oils replaces things like butter (never never never use margarine!) that you would normally need to make baked goods.  Head over here or here to find out why hydrogenated oils are so bad for you!
So this time, I turned the Jiffy box around and took a good look at the ingredients. Lo and behold, the list of ingredients contained partially hydrogenated oil. Noooooooooo!  This little box of Jiffy made life so easy, but now I realize that this modern day convenience had a price- and a really hefty and dangerous one at that! I couldn't ignore this, so I decided to pick up a container of yellow corn meal and make cornbread from scratch, sans trans fats.  I chose this simple recipe to start out with and I think they turned out pretty ok.  It was a tiny bit dry but that might be because I always cut the butter and sugar in a recipe by a quarter.  =P  

Corn Bread Muffins
Corn Bread Muffins

A cornbread breakfast with milk and a Gourmet magazine!

I promise to try it again with some fun alterations to the recipe- I know my sister has a killer cornbread recipe somewhere.