Design for a Cure / by Alice Zhao

This past thursday Jared and I tagged along with Aaron Crumbaugh of as he catered part of the inaugural annual Design for a Cure charity event. (Jared got to act as sous chef). This took place at 565 Quincy where 4 different condos were decorated by 4 different designers with 4 different resident profiles and a seasonal theme. Aaron was situated in the "Young Professional Male" 1 bedroom 1 den condo, with winter as his theme. He decided to create a spiced panna cotta dessert with a pomegranate sorbet, pomegranate vodka gelee, finished with a splash of rosé. He also paired it with a mini pomegranate vodka martini. And to help create the right ambiance, he kept a small simmering pot of winter potpourri consisting of cardamom, cinnamon sticks and cloves. It really did the trick as everyone who walked in the door really felt like they were entering into someone's home on Christmas day for a warm home cooked meal. :)

Design for a Cure, Aaron Crumbaugh

Spiced panna cotta, Rose, Pearl Pomegranate Vodka, Mini Pomegranate Martini
Design for a Cure, Aaron Crumbaugh
Aaron and Jared chillin'

All in all it was a successful event full of fun design and delicious food- despite the night's relentless rain. Check here for the rest of the weekend's events and to read the history behind Design for a Cure.