The Dueling Aloo Gobi / by Alice Zhao

Let me just say, I think I can really get used to this taste tasting gig! We picked up two versions of aloo gobi from Anupy Singla this past week. Believe it or not, the movie Bend it Like Beckham was my first introduction to aloo gobi. When Jess exclaimed "Anyone can cook aloo gobi, but who can bend a ball like Beckham?", I became a little intrigued. If you bought the DVD, there is even a special feature where the director actually shows you how to make aloo gobi. After watching the movie, we made a point to seek it out and get our first taste! We ordered it at a restaurant on Devon and absolutely loved it. The Indian spices and the heat melded deeply in the cauliflower and potatoes. Wow! What flavor. And being a big fan of cauliflower, this ended up becoming my staple dish to order when I would eat out at Indian restaurants (and yes my Indian friends would roll their eyes at me).

So when I heard this week's taste tasting subject was aloo gobi, I was super ecstatic. And not only did we get one batch, but we got two, one with tomatoes and one without.

Anupy Singla, Aloo Gobi
We tried them both this afternoon, and have to say our favorite is the one with tomatoes. Both are really good in its own right, but the tomatoes just added more depth and savoriness to the dish. The fleshy tomatoes offer a nice contrast to the soft cauliflower and potatoes. However, the stars of the dish really are the cauliflower and potatoes, which were abounded with spices and heat. Oh BTW, this dish is really spicy- my stuffy nose was gone in a few minutes after trying this dish. I'd say it's a pretty good way to clear your sinuses!
Anupy Singla, Aloo Gobi
Now with Anupy's easy-to-follow recipe at hand, we can make this dish anytime we want at home, and it'll be authentic!

Anupy informed us that she is re-testing all her dishes from the start, which means there will be more dishes for us to taste! Can't wait to see whats in store for us next time! Anyway, I leave you here with the fun trailer of Bend it Like Beckham. The Aloo Gobi quote is near the end of the clip at 1:44.