Eating Down the Fridge: The Challenge / by Alice Zhao

So the hubby and I have signed up to be a part of Eating Down the Fridge, a weeklong challenge hosted by Kim O'Donnel, author of A Might Appetite food blog from the Washington Post. The challenge dictates that participants try to refrain from grocery shopping for a week and finish what's already in the fridge and pantry. I thought it would be pretty easy for us until we started going through the pantry and realized that we don't have as much in stock. We mostly only buy fresh produce for the week when we head to the grocery store. But there are definitely items that we should work on finishing, especially those in the deep dark corners of the freezer. Anyway, I think this should be a fun and delicious challenge. We might even discover a new recipe or two!

Eating Down the Fridge Challenge

Here is a before shot of our fridge.
Jared started off the challenge early (it actually starts tomorrow) with some leftover buttercream from our cupcakes, strawberries, and old graham crackers from many many months ago! This resulted in a beautiful and super-rich-and-not-so-healthy-for-you parfait. Feast your eyes!

Strawberry Parfait

Gone from the pantry: Leftover brown butter buttercream, strawberries, the last 4 graham crackers.  Yay!
Stay tuned for more Eating Down the Fridge meals!