Eating Down the Fridge: Day 5 / by Alice Zhao


For Day 5, we wanted to finish off the last bit of chicken so Jared cut up the chicken and onions to make some delicious oyakodon! This is one of those dishes that can be made in 30 mins or less. Which is nice, since both of us get home late from work.


3 boneless chicken thighs or 2 boneless chicken breast
2 eggs
2 medium onion
2 stalks of green onion
2 tsb mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine)
3 tsb soy sauce
1 tsb instant dashi granules
1/2 cup water
Spinach (optional)
  • Cut the chicken into bite size chunks
  • Marinate with 1 tsb of mirin and 1 tsb of soy sauce for a few minutes
  • While the chicken marinates, cut the onion into wedges and slice the green onion
  • Heat the pan to medium high with some oil and brown the chicken pieces
  • Add the onions into the pan and saute
  • Next add water, dashi granules, the remaining soy and mirin. You can take a short cut and use "Tsuyu" or Japanese noodle dipping sauce
  • Simmer the chicken on medium heat until sauce has reduced by 1/2
  • Add more soy to taste if needed
  • Next break and loosely whip the eggs and pour on top of the chicken
  • Sprinkle the green onions on top and cover pan with a lid to speed up the cooking of the eggs
  • Serve on top of a bowl of rice