End of Summer Harvest: Pesto / by Alice Zhao

Ok, we had to cave in and finally admit that Fall was here. It is starting to get too cold to keep our garden around any longer. We performed our yearly basil harvest and made a big batch of homemade pesto. We froze that batch and defrost it when we find ourselves in a cooking bind during those wintry nights and we don't feel like cooking.

Pesto, Basil Pesto MakingThe aroma emitted from the basil harvest was incredibly intoxicating. Even chef came by for a big whiff!

Pesto, Basil Pesto MakingWe picked all the leaves for a big prep bowl full of basil leaves, peeled 5 cloves of garlic, and grabbed walnuts, shaved Parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Pesto, Basil Pesto Making

We add some spinach leaves to make sure the pesto stays a vibrant green.

Pesto, Basil Pesto Making

Here's today's quiz: Can you guess what Jared did with the leftover pesto?