Friday Dinner: Flounder and Blue Crab / by Alice Zhao

Ok, I really should know by now that when Jared calls and says "I'm going to stop by H-mart before I go home" that this should be translated to "I'm going to spend a lot of money on seafood".  Because we all know what happened the last time.  By the time I got home from work, Jared was already unpacking all the groceries with a sly grin on his face.

Tonight, we used the fresh flounder and live blue crab from his grocery stash (he had quietly tucked away the crab legs in the freezer when I wasn't looking)

Whole Flounder, ginger and chopped scallions

Blue Crab: get me outta here!!!

Please excuse the following pictures, we ran out of natural light by this time of night and had to settle for incandescent track lighting. booooo :(

Jared drizzled a fried scallions + soy sauce + oil mixture over the flounder which he had steamed for about 7 minutes.  Super simple and so yummy!
I am not yet at liberty to divulge the details of this family recipe for stir-fried crab just yet, so you'll just have to feast on the picture!

We've been eating a lot of stir fried "cheap" greens ($.49/lb).  Collard greens are our favorite b/c it is robust and keeps it's shape (rather than shrinking to a tiny fraction of the original size)  

It ended up being a pricier than usual dinner, but it was so good that I just can't complain.  I used to give Jared a disapproving look every time he makes a run for the seafood section during our grocery trips. But lately, I feel like I've been continuously reminded that life is really short.  So we may as well indulge!