A Fun Cupcake Themed First Birthday / by Alice Zhao

Who doesn't love a foodie themed 1st birthday? This past weekend we headed out deep into the burbs for one of our friends' baby girl's first birthday party. It's amazing how time flies and how fast the kiddies grow up! We brought along our new toy (a Canon 5d body) and took some fun shots with the birthday girl.

Super Cute Cupcake Decor? Check.

First Birthday Party Decor

Undeniably Adorable Dress with Popsicles and Ice Cream Cones? Check.

First Birthday

Birthday Girl Ready to Party? Check! Check! Check!

First Birthday
First BirthdayOk so I totally wanted one of these when I was a kid. The neighborhood brat had one and I dreamt of stealing it all the time! I even temporarily ignored my disdain for him and went over to his house in hopes of getting to ride in it. It's true, I have no shame! Thankfully, I don't have to resort to thievery these days... I can just borrow it from the birthday girl since she got one as a gift from mommy and daddy. hehe

Here are some of my other favorite shots that we took of the birthday girl sharing some sweet moments with mommy and daddy!

First BirthdayAlmost ready to walk without help!

First Birthday

She wore a very serious face all day except when she got to play with daddy. So cute.