Fun with Miniature Food / by Alice Zhao

Jared quickly fashioned a makeshift lightbox today with a printer paper box and white cardoard paper. He's an engineer, what can I say? (and he also refuses to believe that I am one too) . So we decided to take a couple pictures of some of the miniature food toy sets we bought in Japan a few years ago.

Miniature Food, Sukiyaki, JapaneseSukiyaki
They even put an egg in their little bowls!

Miniature Food, Kimchi, KoreanKimchi- before and after.
The last picture displays a gratuitous Hello Kitty Korean wedding couple. It was the last purchase I made in Korea before boarding the boat that took us to Japan. I couldn't help it! [Rachel Ray, please take a good look at the ingredients that it takes to make kimchi. Do you honestly believe that Saurkraut and Honey is even a remotely appropriate subsitute (or even edible?)]

Miniature Food, Kalbi, KoreanKalbi
Although I'm still maintaining a personal boycott on my favorite Korean BBQ place, I still love Kalbi (and Sam Gyeop Sal!)