A Gale Gand Kind of Day / by Alice Zhao

Jared and I spent Saturday afternoon at Navy Pier for the Flower and Garden show. It wasn't as cool as I thought it'd be. Especially since it was not outdoors and flooded with horrible indoor lighting. We were really hoping from some great natural photos of flowers- some turned out... ok. But one of the main reasons we wanted to go was for the "Garden Gourmet" sessions featuring local chefs and/or tv personalities that focused on food. Of the long list of presenters, I only really wanted to be there to see Gale Gand. Plus we had a copy of the Tru cookbook in our collection (thanks to my sister and her husband, C+D). Gale was hawking her new cookbook Short + Sweet and demo'd the Pavlova with her two little daughters, talking especially about involving your kids while cooking. Very cute!

Gale Gand

Gale Gand, Pavlova
Gale Gand Short and Sweet
Short + Sweet
Gale also mentioned that she's coming out with a brunch book around Mother's Day
It was a pretty cool day as it's rare that I get to meet someone famous and get their autograph. And yes, much like The French Laundry incident, I had trouble finding my words when talking to her. (I'm such a doofus) Good thing Jared was there to save the day.

Gale Gand, TruTru cookbook

Gale Gand AutographTo Alice & Jared

Gale Gand AutographLove & Dishes, Gale Gand