Happy 1st Bloggiversary to Us! / by Alice Zhao

Exactly one year ago yesterday, Jared and I started Eat a Duck I Must! Our original goal was simply to document all the great dishes Jared cooks for us. Our first post was a one sentence "poem" accompanied by what now seems to us a horrendous photo of Oden. This was looooooong before we really knew how to photograph and properly light food. One year and many hard learned lessons later, we have decided to recreate and re-photograph a bowl of oden for fun.

Oden 12/13/2008
Oden 12/13/2009
And, we thought we'd also highlight some of our favorite posts from our first year here at Eat a Duck I Must!
This was the first post to make it on to Tastespotting. We danced an outrageously silly happy jig when we saw our photo appear on page 1. We absolutely love this photo and even have it framed in our kitchen!
Do I really need to explain this? It was a once in a lifetime chance to dine at French Laundry. We also rented the Canon 85mm L lens and took it with us on our trip to California. This is when we first started to fall in love with photography.
What started out as a small impromptu seafood dinner ended up being a gluttonous meal and probably resulted in some temporary high cholesterol levels. It also made it's way on reddit.com and whoever it was that posted it, THANK YOU!!!
Jared got a couple large packets of powders for molecular gastronomy as a Christmas gift last year. After playing around for a couple months, he finally invented this amazing Grilled Watermelon Salad dish.
We were both given the chance to go to the Foodbuzz Community Table dinner which was held at Tru. We not only had a fabulous meal, but we also met several local food bloggers which is always my favorite aspect of running this blog.
Jared traded his PS3 for a sashimi knife, the Watanabe Yanagi. He pretty much developed his love for handcrafted Japanese knives that same weekend.
This is a dish Jared had been developing in his mind for a while and finally sat down to do it. It was one of the most luxurious things he has ever made at home and he was extremely extremely proud. (and I am too!)
In some ways, this blog has pushed us to pursue greater things. I am pretty sure that had we not been writing this blog and developing our photography the way we have been for the last year, we would not have considered attempting to meet a someone of such a high calibur.
Fate + Twitter brought Bee of RasaMalaysia.com and us together. We bonded over our posts on our trip to Penang (her hometown). After which, she invited us to write a guest post for her. At this point, we knew we could only give her the best- a secret family recipe for crispy pork belly. Um, you're welcome folks!
This past year has brought us a lot of amazing opportunities, broadened our culinary palettes and definitely made us better photographers. It's been a crazy ride and THANK YOU for sticking with us so far. Here's to another great year- Cheers!