Happy Holidays from the Eat a Duck I Must Family / by zhaophotography

Christmas came a little early for us this year. We've had a little bun in the oven that was set to be baked by New Years Eve but he decided that he wanted to make his appearance in time for Christmas instead (12/21). Meet the newest addition to the Eat a Duck I Must family, Dylan Zhao!

Happy Holidays from the littlest Zhao!

Some of you may have picked up on our overly subtle hints that we've left over the last 9 months about Alice's pregnancy.  I'll have you know that this was the reason I was able to eat an entire gluttonous block of 0-toro while Alice was subjected to subpar leftovers.  We took our ZEAST trip as our last traveling hurrah before parenthood.  Alice spent a lot of her time working on throwing a craftastic baby shower for her sister who was due 5 weeks before us, fully intending to split all the crafts with her sister so that we could reuse the decor for our nursery. Though we originally didn't want to enter the food blogging contest because we wanted to relax before the baby arrived, we were glad we did it anyway.  And can you believe Alice was 7 months pregnant when we shot the In the Mood for Tuna video? If you take a close look, we purposefully only filmed her from above the belly.

This past week has been full of excitement, happiness as well as utter exhaustion.  But mostly we feel extremely blessed to have received the best Christmas gift of all time.  We plan to continue with our regular scheduled programming after we have adjusted to being new parents- which could take about 18 years...

Dylan at 3 days; Jared at 1 year

Happy Holidays!