Homemade Marshmallows - the Tyler Florence recipe / by Alice Zhao

I decided that for this economically-challenged Christmas season, I'll make everyone some homemade marshmallows for their Christmas gifts. I rarely bother with Christmas cards any more, but you'll know we like you if you get some of these (... or if you're simply in my 1 mile radius) Seriously, it's freaking cold out there! If you're really lucky, I'll buy all the ingredients to make hot cocoa for you, too.

I ended up using Tyler Florence's recipe only because I had Jared buy two bags of powdered sugar not realizing many other recipes do not even call for much powdered sugar. (Oops!) However, I think they came out really well- super light and super fluffy. Be warned that these thing smush easily and end up looking like crap when smushed. Last night, we went out to dinner with Jared's old Peoria dinner crew and we packaged some marshmallows in little baggies for everyone. I threw them in my purse and between the drive to the restaurant and actually sitting on them while at the restaurant, they became piles of white blobby ugliness. *le sigh* But- they still tasted ok! Next time I might try the Thomas Keller recipe for fun.

Jared's refusing to do any real work today, so he set up a little photoshoot for my little marshmallows. This is as good as a it gets when it comes to getting a family Christmas card from us. =)

Homemade Marshmallows, Tyler Florence Recipe

prepared by atd
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