In the Mood for Tuna, Teaser Photos / by zhaophotography

Our video is still being edited as we speak but we are so excited about the finished product. What started out as a joke over a dinner and a slew of endless ridiculous ideas turned into something pretty epic. We had way too much fun filming this film short and will probably never do anything as awesome as this ever again. ha! Random details from the night of filming include press on nails, fake eyelashes, a bump-it kit, Connie Francis, Peter Parker, a giant block of chu-toro and a spoonful of wasabi.

Here are some behind-the-scenes teaser photos.

Dark and moody enough for ya? :)

blogging by candlelight and typewriter?; the torch returns!

somehow jared totally cut off the height of my hair in this pic ... you'll have to wait and see the bump-it in action

I told you Spiderman was involved

Stay tuned!