Indian as Apple Pie: Anupy Singla’s Crockpot Recipes / by Alice Zhao

One of the things I have come to really love about our food blog is that we have gotten the opportunity to meet many new people and this week was no exception! We stumbled upon a new Chicago food blog by Anupy Singla, Indian as Apple Pie. Anupy's career is chock full of impressive credentials including reporting for Bloomberg and as a reporter/anchor for Chicagoland TV. And now she has added food writing to her resume. She has a cookbook coming out next fall and I am ready to add it to my collection! She's currently working on tweaking her recipes and has called out for taste testers on her blog. Taste testing homecooked Indian food? Um, sign me up right away!!
This morning, I met Anupy in her home to pick up some food and had so much fun chatting with her about food blogging and our mutual love for Japanese food and culture. She was extremely warm and inviting and honestly, it's always a great feeling when you meet someone else who loves and appreciates food as much as we do. She explained to me that concept of her cookbook is about recreating all of her favorite Indian dishes using a crockpot, which she's been doing since her early years in college. To me crockpots and Indian food make a whole lot of sense. And besides, who doesn't love a quality crockpot recipe?
So I was lucky enough to pick up not one but two dishes that she's prepared and could not wait to taste them!
Anupy Singla, Indian as Apple Pie, Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken is one of those classic Indian dishes that simply warms your heart. There was such great texture and flavor in the butter cream sauce and the silvered almonds added a nice crunch. On top of the dish, Anupy had added some sliced chilies that were grown from her parent's garden. She warned me that these chilies she added were hot but delicious and boy was she right. Biting into those suckers cleared my stuffy nose so fast but wow, they hurt sooooo good. :)

Anupy Singla, Indian as Apple Pie, Rajmah

Of the two dishes, I really loved her Rajmah. The cinnamon and cloves really stood out in this dish. The thing about crockpotting is that it allows you to cook beans for a really long time without having to watch over a steaming pot on the stove. It also allowed for the beans to soften to the perfect texture and the flavors were able to penetrate the beans so deeply. Isn't that what great home cooked food is all about? I'll take this over fast food any day. Yumm! According to a close Indian friend, rajmah is one of those staple dishes by which you can compare the quality of a good north Indian restaurant. If that's the case, then send me more dishes, Anupy!
I really can't wait for this cookbook to come out. I've attempted to make aloo gobi and palak paneer at home but I always felt that I never got it right with the flavors. Jared and I really love Indian food and being able to obtain full flavored Indian dishes at home is going to be really exciting for us.
By the way, can't get enough of her? Check out these amazingly well written Chicago Sun-Times articles:
I love her descriptive writing style. Can someone please take me to India?!
And also, if you're interested in being a taste tester for Anupy as well, head on over to her site, Indian as Apple Pie, and leave a comment.
Btw, Anupy: OISHII DESU YO!!!!