Indian as Apple Pie: Kheer / by Alice Zhao

Our latest taste-testing dish from Anupy of Indian as Apple Pie is one of my favorite Indian desserts. I shamefully admit that I always head to an Indian buffet restaurant when I want my Indian food fix. But when it's time for dessert, I tend to opt out on pastries and head straight for the Kheer. There's something about the aroma of warmed sweetened milk in a dessert that puts a smile on my face and forces me to regress into a happy little 5 year old during Christmas. So I was just as happy as I heated up the Kheer last night. Closed my eyes and took a big whiff. ahhhhhh.

Chopped pistachios is added at the end to give it a crunchy texture. I have been told, almonds is another great substitute as well. What really gives Kheer its unique taste is cardamom. Anupy mentioned she used agave nectar to sweeten this dish, which is a really great natural sweetener and a much healthier alternative to table sugar. She also added golden raisins which plumped up during the crockpotting process. Yum!