Jared's Summer Tasting Menu + Dinner with Chennergy / by zhaophotography

This past Friday Jared developed a special summer tasting menu for our favorite photo + video team, Dan + Sarah of Chennergy.com.  The two of them shot our engagement and wedding photos 2 years ago and their work just keeps getting better.  Dan's expressive photos and Sarah's creative videos keep us on our toes and make us want to strive to become better photographers.

With the bountiful amount of ripe fruits and vegetables, Jared created a 7 course menu for a little get together starting off with an amuse bouche of citrus'd goat cheese piped into a summer ripened grape tomato topped with micro basil.  We got to use our new mini salt blocks, gifts from our last Spice House visit.  Word of caution, don't leave your semi moist food on these blocks for long as the salt will actually draw the moisture out and turn your food salty!  Oops.

We only had time to take these photos, but Dan fortunately brought his camera to document the whole process on his personal blog.  You also get to see rare photos of Mr. Eat a Duck I Must in action.  Oh for another added bonus check out this video, one of the best "engagement" videos I have EVER seen (by Sarah).  We've already watched it way too many times!

You can see more of Dan and Sarah's amazing work at www.chennergy.com.

Also, tomorrow we'll be heading on our big trip of the year.   Follow us on twitter to keep up with us on our NYC/Boston/Maine trip.