Lazy Sunday + Sunlight = Champagne Gelee Photoshoot / by Alice Zhao

Today is a great day. We finally have thawed out water pipes. We're able to take hot showers again. And the sun- THE SUN. It's been really gloomy and well below zero all week. And it's honestly been a little bit miserable. But today is a great day. So we decided to set up a photoshoot before the sun disappears for another several months.

Last night we attempted to do a little molecular gastronomy. Our original idea was a "strawberries and champagne" theme. We had planned to make a strawberry "ravioli" sphere set over a spoon of champagne gelee. It kind of failed but we plan to try it out again so we'll report on that later. However, the champagne gelee was still edible and we took some pictures today for fun.

Champagne GeleeChampagne GeleeChampagne Geleeprepared by jxz
hand modeled by atd hahahaha