Lightbox Fun / by Alice Zhao

We ate a lot of leftovers last night so there wasn't much to photograph, but that surely didn't stop us from practicing with other pantry items with our ghetto makeshift lightbox! We tried out our shiny white flat platter from CB2 (a "gift" from KJ-- thanks!) to get some reflections going and also borrowed a heavy duty tripod for these still shots (--thanks Jason!). Some of those photos came out pretty cool. Needless to say, we're loving our new camera!

Star AniseStar Anise
The licorice smell was so overpowering, I wanted to barf. Though the pictures came out pretty cool.

This vanilla extract is one of Jared's most prized pantry items along with the vanilla bean whose sister made an appearance during the French Laundry near-catastrophe of November 2008. I think we have a lot to learn about real lightbox lighting- but this was a whole lot of fun! Please ignore the funny light reflections on the bottle. Heh

Curry PowderAnd finally, can anyone guess?
This shouldn't be too hard, and pretty easy if you're the slightest web savvy. This is one of my favorite photos