A little bit of Denver / by Alice Zhao

So the first part of our trip involved a lot of wedding stuff and less food scavenging. We spent a little bit of time in Lower Downtown practicing with the rented lens. We spent some time at Tattered Cover bookstore and then walked around. (Thanks EP for the suggestions. We had a great time!) Here are a couple of our more touristy pics.

In order to save for the rest of the big trip, we decided to stop by Spud Brother's- Jared thought he saw a tv spotlight on it. Nothing overly special. Just a fast food joint with stuff on top of fries. As Jared likes to tell me that my favorite color is potato chips (or anything potato), I was pretty darn ok with it. Though, I'll admit that afterwards I thought I felt a hint of a heartattack on the horizon.

Spud BrothersSpud BrothersSpud BrothersBacon, Ranch, Cheddar, Green Onion

Spud BrothersBleu Cheese, Celery, Buffalo Sauce, Chicken

Then we ended the night by spending time at another bookstore in Boulder. We missed our dog, Chef, so this little guy kept us company instead while we read.

For a few pictures from our friends' wedding, head on over to this post at my wedding blog.