Los Angeles: New Capital Dim Sum / by Alice Zhao

We don't have any real pictures of this meal but let me just first explain a little something. Jared and I grew up in Chicago and I lived in St. Louis for probably a combined 6 years between undergrad and work. We liked to boast that the dimsum in Chicago was so much better than in St. Louis. And that is definitely true. But, WHOAH, Los Angeles puts Chicago to shame. Every single type of dimsum was just THAT MUCH BETTER. Even simple things like siu mai were just freaking fantastic (in comparison).

Come back! Don't pass us by!

Now, I'm sure there are probably many more great dim sum places in the area, but Mama and Papa Zhao like to frequent New Capital for the value. The bill was $20.45 for the four of us. Um, we would have paid more than twice that in Chicago for the same amount of food and lower quality dim sum!

I must also warn you that the plaza this restaurant is in is always packed- 24/7 and the restaurant's peak times can lead you to wait over an hour for a seat (we were smart enough to go super early). And I really mean all days of the week and all times of the day. As I've said before the Rosemead/Alhambra/Monterey Park/San Gabriel area is just full of restaurants- yet they all seem to be at full capacity all the time. I mean, we were were visiting Monday through Thursday and probably visited this restaurant three different times. Don't people have to work? Mama Zhao speculates that everyone is so rich and the food is so cheap that the residents just sit around and eat all day. What a life! :)

New Capital Seafood

140 W Valley Blvd
Fl/4 #D
San Gabriel, CA 91776

(626) 288-1899