Meet Mr. and Mrs. Eat a Duck I Must / by Alice Zhao

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Mr. Eat a Duck I Must and I are a happily married couple living in Chicago, IL. We love eating, we love traveling, we love eating AND traveling, and we love photographing the whole process. Follow us as we journey into the world of food photography!

Eat a Duck I Must is an English phrase for the Japan-o-phile trying to remember how to pronounce Itadakimasu!, which loosely translates to "Let's eat!". As we are both big fans of authentic Japanese food and Mr. Eat a Duck I Must speaks a little Japanese, so we thought it was fitting for the title of our blog.
While on the subject of food, in this economic downturn, even harder hit are the foodbanks and non-profits that do so much good work for the ones truly in need. Take the time out to learn about some organizations such as
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