Mini Gluttonfest: O-Toro Donburi at Home / by Alice Zhao

Otoro Donburi

So I know that we said we'd never eat sushi in the U.S. ever again (only because we were spoiled by the BEST and freshest sushi at Endo in Osaka, Japan). But when we went to H-mart last Sunday, Jared spied a giant sign for a blue fin tuna cutting demonstration and in front were placed freshly cut blocks of o-toro on sale. Normally we only buy tuna from Mitsuwa where we know the quality is better, but by the looks of the gorgeous marbling on this o-otoro and the wide expanse of Jared's grin, I already knew we'd be driving home with one of these babies.
There isn't much to this recipe except to simply slice it up and eat it over a bowl of sushi rice. We sat down for dinner- Jared began to enjoy this superbly rich dish with an ice cold bottle of beer while I grumpily started on my plate of mediocre brunch leftovers. Seconds later, he turned to me.
"I'm sorry, Alice. But this is sooo freaking good." Evil laughter ensues.
"You're not sorry," said I, sadly pushing around my sub par corned beef hash. *le sigh*