My Sauceless Curry Pasta (what...?) / by Alice Zhao

These days I hardly cook, Jared pretty much takes care of that. And seriously it's just better that way. :) Back when I was working in St. Louis though, I had to cook for myself every day. I was never that good with meat that wasn't already ground up for me, so incidentally I would end up cooking a lot of "vegetarian" food. Here's a quick dish I made up out of cheapness, laziness and desparation. I call it my "sauceless curry pasta".

Made it for myself for lunch when Jared wasn't around... :)

Sauceless Curry Pasta
Boil pasta til al dente.
Mince garlic.
Drain pasta.
Add the garlic and extra virgin olive oil to pan.
Add the Pasta and pan fry to crisp up the edges of pasta (I dunno, I just like it that way)
Throw in curry powder, regular chile powder, salt and pepper and other "random" spices to taste.
Add spinach a minute before it's done cooking.
(cherry tomatoes would have been a nice touch but i didn't have any!)

And that's pretty much how I cook everything. Very randomly. :) Btw, I used whole wheat pasta for the first time and discovered that I wasn't a fan. Maybe it was the brand I used, but it was just very gritty and did not absorb flavor as well as regular pasta. However, I wouldn't be opposed to trying it again if someone could suggest a better brand.

I also made up a dish when I was living in the dorms that I called "ranch pasta", but I don't think we need to revisit that one.