Not Food Related: Happy Anniversary to us with Air Plant Terrariums! / by zhaophotography

Mini Air Plant Terrarium

This year has already been so far without a doubt the busiest yet the most exciting for the two of us.  Baby Duck keeps us on our toes by waking up 1-3 times a night but also keeps us happy with all his sweet smiles and silly laughter.  We may want more sleep but we really couldn't ask for anything more.  Our hearts are full and life is grand.

This past week, Jared and I also celebrated three years of high-fivin' fun.  We didn't have much time to celebrate let alone find gifts for each other.  But at the last minute I saw Venus Wei's latest post on her mini terrariums and decided I'd steal the idea for Jared's gift.  Nice and wallet friendly, this little gift was perfect especially since we've been wanting air plants for a while.

Lucky for me Chicago has a CB2, Crate and Barrel and West Elm all in a row on North Ave in Lincoln Park.  I started at CB2 picking up two of the glass whirley hanging candeholders at $3.95 each.  They have a similar version at West Elm, but it's a lot more expensive and does not have a flat bottom.  This one is cheaper and versatile so you can choose to hang these or place them on a flat surface.  I then stopped by Crate and Barrel and unfortunately they only had medium sized air plants for $15 a piece (succulents for $20... YIKES!).  I didn't know where else to find air plants so I sucked it up and bought one for $15 just in case.  Then I stopped by West Elm for the heck of it, just to check out the candle holders.  And lo and behold, they also sold mini air plants which fit these candle holders perfectly and even better, they had it at $4/$6 each!  I was pretty excited and bought 4 just because I felt so shafted by that $15 single large air plant from C&B.  I came home, stole some rocks from some of our other plant holders and within seconds was done with the gift.  Looks pretty sweet and it took little to no effort.  I likes.

I like to say the curvy flowy one represents me and the rigid spiky one represents Jared. Ha!

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to my better half!  May there be many many more... else I shall stab you with the pointier of two air plants! ;)