Not Food Related: Mobiles! / by Alice Zhao

Babies, babies everywhere! There must be something in the water because everyone seems to be pregnant these days. I'm not participating in the baby-fest myself, but I am happy to make little homemade gifts! I've been staring at the new trendy and adorable mobiles with felt figures on Though I've seen them charge between $35 and $75 for these. As usual, my DIY self said "This can't be that hard". And I was right, it wasn't necessarily that hard, but it was definitely a little time consuming. I didn't use any patterns, I mostly was just copying shapes from examples I saw online and winging it when cutting each piece- especially the Totoro one. Not bad for spending probably less than $6 total for all of them! Hey, times are tough! :)
  • 8"x10" felt pieces, $0.30 each
  • Thick flower wire $2.00 for ~15-20 pieces in a package
  • Stuffing from a pillow (no not a used pillow!)
  • Little jingle bells in the larger pieces. I had so many leftover from making my nephew's baby blocks. You'll probably recognize the fabric on the owls' belly too!
  • Ribbon, leftover from the wedding and donated from friends. (Thanks V + J)

And special thanks to Jared for putting the mobiles together. Since he claims I am not a real engineer, I put him in charge of cutting the wires and balancing the figures. :)

Here's are some snapshots of the mobiles I've been working on over the last several weeks.
For E+C, (in Atlanta).
An ode to Mr. Coffee, their bunny.

Felt Bunny Mobile

For W+B (and little E).
A Totoro themed mobile.

I can't believe I attempted the catbus!

Felt Totoro Mobile

For N+T (and little T+S).
My crown jewels. I think these came out the best.
I originally wanted to make a Hey Diddle Diddle mobile, but then I saw an example of these on Etsy and thought they were perfect for their new little girl! Jared and I had fun with these in our courtyard.

Felt Owl
Felt Owl

Have a wonderful Friday!