Duck! Eat! I Must! / by Alice Zhao

One of Jared's friends is staying with us for a week which only means he's going to try to flex his culinary muscle and whip up some dishes he would otherwise never bother making for me ;) (You know it's true!) Either way, I win. Tonight's was a simpler home-style asian spread.

Japanese Food, ChawanmushiChawanmushi prepared by jxz
Individual Portions of Steamed Egg with Dried Scallops on the bottom
Topped with a spoonful of Tsuyu (soy sauce, mirin and dashi). Also a Chinese dish.

Korean Food, Sundubu JigaeSundubu Jigae prepared by jxz

Chinese Food, BBQ DuckChinese BBQ Duck a la Chinatown

It'll only get better as the week progresses. Stay tuned.