Our New $0.99 Toy: A Mini Tripod for our Point and Shoot / by Alice Zhao

Point and Shoot Camera, Mini Tripod

Yesterday we stopped by to pick up some colored cotton at Joann Fabrics to use as backdrops. While were up there, we stopped by Microcenter to pick up a tiny mini tripod for our little point and shoot camera. I think it'll be great for those times when we're at a fancy restaurant and we're too embarassed to whip out our 5lb DSLR camera. This way you can set both the ISO and F-stop as low as possible without worrying about a blurry picture. We were doing some test shots for a client today and this is what our little point and shoot captured while we were setting up. Not bad, right? hehe. It's funny how we can actually do a whole lot more with a point and shoot camera than your typical flat pictures with really harsh flash.
ISO 50, F2.6
I'm pretty excited to shoot these photos of our client's awesome baked goods tomorrow. I think they'll end up being the best photos we've taken yet.