Our Urban Victory Garden: Seeded Expectations / by zhaophotography

It's aliiiiiive!

Here's a little update on our urban victory garden. On the day Jared built the rain barrel, I also planted some vegetable seeds in little containers and set them on our window sills. And of course we reused some old lunch containers, tofu boxes, spinach plastic clam shells and styrofoam plates.

Three weeks later....

The first to sprout were the arugula and swiss chard seedlings. They jumped out of the containers so fast that they're starting to run out of space!

These zucchini and squash seedlings took a few more days to make their appearance. But they look like they're going to be super hearty plants!

This little zucchini seedling shocked us when we realized it broke through the paper packet and started growing out of it! I like to call it "the little seedling that could".

And finally we planted 6 heirloom tomato's worth of seeds into 3 containers. Two weeks passed and nothing seemed to be coming out of them. I had pretty much given up all hope until a few days ago, we saw that these tiny little heirloom tomato seedlings popped out. Out of the gazillion seeds we planted, only 5 have started to sprout. I'm crossing my fingers that these will work out. But aren't they so cute??