Presto Pesto Change-o! / by Alice Zhao

This week's been a pesto-filled week for us at the Zhao household. I was going through our freezer the other day and realized we had one last batch of pesto left from last summer's basil harvest. Score! Usually this means lots super quick and delicious pasta meals. On Sunday, Jared picked up a whole chicken and broke it down, (Hung Huynh style... jk!). In 20 minutes, we boiled the pasta, pan seared some Brussels sprouts, and grilled a couple chicken breasts for this meal. In the blurred background is also some fried chicken skin. You heard right. By the way, Jared's big get-rich-quick scheme is to bag and sell fried chicken skin like chicharrones... I told him he's on his own for that one. Ha!

Pesto Pasta with Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Grilled Chicken Breast Crispy Fried Chicken Skin

But this next dish on the other hand, is my own invention (and you all know that I personally don't really know how to cook). While I totally realize that I could not have been the first person to make up this dish, I swear this just came out of nowhere. I looked around my kitchen and fridge and saw the following items. And presto PESTO change-o! I created the best breakfast EVER.
Yep, that's right. I just created what will henceforth be known as the Eat a Duck I Must Breakfast Sandwich. An open-faced sandwich starting with a lightly toasted piece of bread, pan-wilted spinach and pesto, topped with a perfectly fried egg. Ohhh yesssssssss. Pure bliss or your money back. Well, considering you didn't give me any money in return for this suggestion, Mr. and Mrs. Eat a Duck I Must will not actually be liable for reimbursement for any dissatisfaction. But seriously, you can't possibly not like this. I've eaten this 3 times already this week, and it's only Tuesday evening...

The official Eat a Duck I Must Breakfast Sandwich

You're welcome.