Project Food Blog Challenge #1 & a preview of ZEAST! / by zhaophotography

leaving on a jet plane

And we're back!  We took a much needed foodie vacation to the gorgeous New England area and came back just in time to submit our first Project Food Blog challenge.  We originally started this blog as a way to photograph the food that we cook at home and the places we travel to.  Our blog has surprisingly brought us new opportunities to meet fellow food fanatics and chefs alike.  What better to prove why we should be a part of the Project Food Blog contest than to showcase what we do best:

Big changes are a-coming to the house of Zhao and this vacation was probably going to be our last one in a very long time so wanted to make it count.  While we originally had planned to head to the France as our "last hurrah", we had to make some last minute changes and planned a domestic foodie trip instead.   We knew we had to make it count so our jetsetting week ended up spanning 3 east coast locations and since I like to name all our trips, this vacation will henceforth be known as ZEAST! I was originally thinking that it just combines our last name with the east coast and sounds like the word feast.  However, Jared desperately wants to use it as an acronym and says it's really called the Zhao EAstcoast Shellfish Trip... errrr.

First stop: NYC

I like to stay that I've never been to New York City even though I went many many years ago with my parents when checking out colleges.  But seriously, NYC on a hurried 3 hour tour with your parents does not really count as a visit to the Big Apple (sorry Mom and Dad).  So this time we made sure to fill it with endless good eats including dinners at Yakitori Totto, Daniel and Le Bernardin.  Hey I said we had to make this trip count, didn't I?

times square; the kitchen at le bernardin

Pit stop: Boston

While our next stop to Boston was brief it was not to be discounted!  We met up with two of our newfound blog readers which made us feel oh-so-special.  The evening was filled with great conversation and our first taste of New England seafood including oysters, mussels and a lobster roll- the first of many many many shellfish meals.  Drool...

at neptune oyster; dumpling house for tea and you guessed it, dumplings

The last and longest leg of our trip: Road trippin' through Maine

We met up with some friends in Boston and headed straight to Maine hopping from lobster shack to lobster shack.  It's hard to imagine a more relaxed and stomach pleasing trip than this.  We stayed at a well equipped VRBO and made use of their kitchen, kayaks and firepit (recipes to come!).  As the Maine state slogans says, this vacation really was "How Life Should Be".

Stay tuned and get more details on ZEAST- I promise you, we ate shamelessly well and aren't afraid to talk about it!  And don't forget to vote often for us on our Project Food Blog page!