Project Food Blog: Conversations / by zhaophotography

While the both of us love a good food fight packed with drama and pie-in-face smashing, we're less inclined to partake in the slinging of verbal hash.  When the contest began, we realized we were extremely unknown in the food blogging community with an embarrassingly low readership.  So, we did our best to not take any of it too seriously and were always prepared to be cut from the competition at any point in time.  To our utter shock and amazement, we made it all the way to compete in the 9th round.  Again, thank you everyone for your constant love and support! For the most part, Project Food Blog has been for us a pretty great overall experience pushing the both of us to our limits, way past our comfort zones and it definitely has tested the two of us as a husband and wife food blogging team.  We could talk about how our plans for the final post (had we made it that far) would have easily blown the competition out of the water (bwahahaha!). BUT, we're just going to do a fun recap of how the last few months have gone down for us, in a true-to-life husband and wife script format...

On submitting our first post introducing ourselves as food bloggers.

Alice: Hey, should we join this contest?  It'll give us something to do. Jared: What? We have no time for this! Why can't I just relax for the next 4 months? Alice: Well I don't think we'll make it past the first round anyway, I don't see the harm in trying. Jared: *grumble grumble argue grumble argue grumble grumble* Alice: Stop being a jerkface, I'm going to write the first post and see what happens. Jared: Whatever. As long as I don't have to do any of the work... Alice: *sad face*


On how we ended up with some delicious classic ochazuke...

Jared: Can't I just use the seasoning packets we have in our pantry? Alice: No, now go boil that tea and make the broth! Jared: *sad face*

Our guest's reaction to Jared's luxurious fall menu

(sorry, this one is an inside joke)

Dan: Spheres! Brilliant! Jared: Coagulation.

On why we were inspired by Le Bernardin

Alice: What's my favorite color? Jared: Potato Chips! Jared: What's my favorite color? Alice: Lobster!

Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza

On successfully inventing a chicken tikka masala pizza...

Jared: I'm going to grill naan for the pizza base. Alice: Oh jeez, we better buy some as backup.

On the unattractive weather conditions that seemed to plague all of the contestants around the world the Saturday before it was due, On the road with Spanish Tapas.

Alice: This challenge sucks, I have mud on my shoes. Jared: Um, I'm pretty sure that's duck poop. Us: Chef (our dog) STOP eating the duck poop!

After we got some twitter flack for asking our good friends to help us create the best foodie film of all time, In the Mood for Tuna.

Alice: We ain't playin. Jared: This ain't no game, son. Sarah: Haters gonna hate. Dan: Taters gonna tate.

Pumpkin Mousse Cake, Entremet

In conceptualizing the amateur entremet, Jared's pumpkin mousse cake.

Alice: I don't think we can possibly pass this challenge- we're not bakers.  Why don't we just take it easy and try making a Swiss roll cake? Jared: Yeah... I don't think I can pull off anything more complicated than that. Then, after Jared failed to make an extremely simple light and airy sponge cake... Jared: Screw this cake roll, we need to go all out.  I'm making that mousse cake.  It's balls to the wall! Alice: Yes,

Soon after we submitted what was easily our best food photography post, the restaurant review with our favorite 2 Michelin star rated chef, Chef Curtis Duffy... I couldn't believe the words that came out of Jared's mouth...

Jared: Hey, maybe we should become professional food blogging contestants... Alice: W. T. F. Jared: I know, I know, I remember what I said... Alice: No. No, you do not. You jerkface.

And this concludes Project Food Blog for us.  We will now continue with our regularly scheduled programming and go back to receiving 1 to 2 comments max from our 5 dedicated readers.  Woohoo!

And to answer your question: Yes, this is how we talk to each other and yes, I love calling my husband a jerkface.