A "Quick" Trip to Toronto / by Alice Zhao

As the last and major part of the my birthday week celebration, we took a huge family trip to Toronto for the weekend, reminiscent of the ones I used to take when I was young except this time we took 2 cars instead of dangerously sardining 10 people into a cargo van for a 520+ mile trip. Sadly we failed to take many pictures of all the good food we ate but we do have a few pictures from our trip to St. Lawrence's Market in downtown Toronto. We visited several stalls and picked up a lot of yummy food. Can't beat that!

Toronto, St. Lawrence Market
The front of St. Lawrence Market
Toronto, St. Lawrence MarketWe got there in the morning and chose some assorted croissants and pastries. It's great to be able to eat fresh from a bakery. These were delicious! We especially like the one on the right stuffed with potatoes and mushroom.
Toronto, St. Lawrence's MarketSo I've never liked Canadian bacon at restaurants because to me it's just ham right? But this was freshly smoked. Next to the regular bacon is what the Canadians call American Bacon (aka bacon in the US). These were really thick cut freshly smoked bacon with maple syrup glazed on top. What is unusual about this bacon is the skin is left on. Imagine biting into a sweet crackling skin before descending into the bliss of the fatty smokey meat. This was the best bacon we have ever tried. G.L.O.R.I.O.U.S.
Toronto, St. Lawrence MarketAt the end of the market is seafood. This place really reminded us of the indoor markets we found while traveling in Barcelona. Jared disappeared for a bit and suddenly came back with some fresh grilled sardines From Buster's Sea Cove. Who can resist fresh fish grilled from the fish market? It didn't take long for us to pick the meat off and finish it. We came back here for lunch and also got the halibut fish and chips. As a word of caution, the lines here during lunch can get pretty long, so get there early if you want to try their various offerings.
St. Lawrence Market
Upper Level 33
93 Front St. E.
Toronto, Ont. M5E 1C3