Saturday Dinner: Seared Scallops and Grilled Shrimp n Grits / by Alice Zhao

Day 2 of our seafood weekend brought us more of... you guessed it... seafood! Jared made two dishes- Seared Scallops and Shrimp 'n Grits for dinner. To tie the two dishes together, he used some jalañeno peppers that our neighbor had given us. I didn't know this before, but apparently the jalañeno turns bright red when it sits on the vine long enough. Jared decided to thinly slice the red jalapeño pepper and fried it in a little bit of canola oil to make jalañeno chips for the seared scallops and then used the remaining spicy oil to drizzle over the scallops and the grits. To add color to the dish, Jared made a puree with our leftover spinach (and the leftovers of that puree will be added to a pesto later). I love finishing items in the fridge and moving onto the next (only because that means we did not waste any of it). Sadly, Jared is the opposite who loves stocking the fridge with newly purchased seafood. Though, I think that is how we complement each other. Or at least, that is what I tell myself!

Seared Scallops, Spinach + Garlic Puree, Jalapeno Chips + Oil

Parmesan Reggiano Grits, Grilled Shrimp, Jalapeno Oil, Scallions

We paired this meal with a wonderful crisp Austrian beer (Grieskirchner Weisse)
Items finished from our fridge
Spinach (check)
Jalapeño (check)
Parmesan Reggiano (check)

Hmm... maybe it's time for another installment of eating down the fridge... :)