Semi Detox: Watercress Soup, Yellow Chives and Eggs / by Alice Zhao

We decided to try and detox from all the luxurious meals we've been having as of late. Jared made his oh so flavorful Pork Bone and Watercress Soup. This is a pretty standard and classic Cantonese homestyle soup. It's one of my favorites- I especially love picking the tender meat off the bone and dipping it into a mixture of soy sauce and guilim chili sauce.

Pork Bone and Watercress Soupprepared by jxz

Jared also picked up some yellow chives to recreate this dish that we had almost every day when we were in visiting Jiangmen, China. It's really simple but to get a truly excellent yellow chives and egg stir fry or any stir fry for that matter, you need a really hot wok which is hard to attain on standard home gas stoves.

Yellow Chives and Egg Stirfryprepared by jxz

By the way, we stopped by Crate and Barrel outlet this past Sunday to pick up random placemats to use as backdrops. This one sort of feels like I'm looking at a pair of jeans, so maybe we'll use it in a totally different set up next time ;)