Somewhat Food Related: Homemade Aprons / by Alice Zhao

Since I wasn't able to head to sunny LA with Jared to visit his family for Christmas, I wanted to pick out some nice gifts for them. I stopped by Anthropologie and saw these amazingly cute aprons. Is it me or does anyone else suffer a little from sticker shock when you walk through the store? So my DIY self yet again told me I could make these at home at a fraction of the price and feel a whole lot better about it.
For Jared's parents, I found his old Schnucks apron (yup, he bagged groceries at Schnucks for a summer in college!) and decided to refashion it with the new fabric I picked up. I detached the lining, laid down the striped pattern on both sides over the original apron and reattached the lining. With the same stitch, I reattached the original navy blue pockets for Jared's dad and on the flip side, I attached some flower patterned fabric with the same stitch for Jared's mom. I figured this way it was a lot more practical- and Jared's parents are all about being practical!

The "same stitch" pocket idea created 3 pockets for the flower patterned side. I thought it was pretty cute :)

And for Jared's sister, I summoned up my innermost project runway diva and designed a brand new one with the same fabric. I have to say that I think that this by far is my best work yet. It's probably the most polished of anything I've ever made. I made striped straps for the necktie, straps for the waist tie, a pleated waist with pleated puffy pockets with lining. I would have made one for myself, but I tend to never use aprons.
almost Anthropologie-like, don't you think? haha