Sukiyaki / by Alice Zhao

Jared made sukiyaki for his friend's final meal during her stay with us in Chicago. Yet another perfect winter dish! Yum! We'll be doing this at least a few more times this winter, that's for sure! Now, this does remind me of our little incident at a sukiyaki restaurant in Tokyo involving the rest of my family back in 2006... Thankfully we redeemed ourselves by having a normal non-embarassing sukiyaki meal in Kobe.

prepared by jxz

and as per usual (when we have guests), we ended the night with Jared's perfected creme brulee
prepared by jxz

In other news, does anyone remember the song "It's All Because of You" by 4P.M. (total flashback to 1995- anybody got any flannel?) The original melody came from a Japanese song called Sukiyaki, although the song has nothing to do with sukiyaki, or even food for that matter. Enjoy this video I just found of them performing in Japan- cracks me up.