Sushi Night Extravaganza / by Alice Zhao

When Jared is asked to impress, he likes to go all out. So we set up our kitchen island as a food display for a night of Japanese appetizers and sushi. We served everything by course, and it was pretty funny to see 14 of my family members gathered around in our little kitchen, anticipating his next dish. Here are some choice images from last night (though I don't have pictures of everything).

MenuWe bought this board just as a grocery shopping list reminder, but when we put it up, we realized at the same time it'd be perfect as a menu board for our grand meals!

Hamachi SashimiHamachi Sashimi
Served with Tangerine Slices and Green Onion
Finished with Ponzu, Olive oil, Tangerine Juice (not pictured)
Wow. This was really good. This is a new dish and we're definitely adding it to the repertoire!

Tuna TatakiTuna Tataki
Served with a spring mix salad with Sesame Dressing
(Not Pictured) Wasabi Mayonnaise
Jared lightly seasons it with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and sesame seeds and grills it to perfection. This night's tataki was probably THE best tuna tataki I've ever had.

Spicy Crab SaladSpicy Crab Salad
We had this appetizer at a restaurant and we realized we could make this ourselves for a lot less than $5 for a tiny dish! This is a fan favorite and seriously seriously addictive.

imitation crab meat
japanese mayonnaise
sesame seed oil

topped with sesame seeds
lightly torched

we didn't have any seaweed flakes so we tore off some large pieces of nori

SushiAssorted Maki
unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the mouthwatering nigiri style that we picked up from our honeymoon to hawaii... some other time.

5 of the 14 guests gathered around in our kitchen

a gratuitous picture of my super cute nephew

The night ended with a super super old school chinese youtube karaoke session that I set up for my parents, aunts and uncles. I spent quite some time hunting down these videos. I've never seen them act so much like little kids, it was well worth all the work =) Special thanks to my hubby for creating such an unforgettable night.