Fast Food

Chambana: Gumby's Pizza and Wings by Alice Zhao

After our late midnight showing, I was craving Gumby's since I saw a delivery car drive by earlier during the day. This is stuff I lived on during my years at UIUC. This is not the best pizza by any means, but when you can get a large pizza for $6.99, you bet its popular among poor hungry students. I am sure each campus has their own version of cheap pizza for late night cravings. I usually get the pokey sticks (a.k.a. bread sticks) with ranch and marinara. Baked pizza dough drenched in butter dipped into more fat. ON NOM NOM NOM NOM. Since we are no longer poor college students and on vacation, we decided to splurge a little more and get an order of wings. (But hey let's not go all out here!) The wings to say the least were over salted, but the pokey sticks were as good as I remembered them.

Gumby's Pizza, Champaign, UIUC
Gumby's Pizza, Champaign, UIUC

Gumby's Pizza, Champaign, UIUCAhhh, yes that's the stuff.
Gumby's Pizza
1409 S. Neil St
Champaign, IL
217-335-3278 (put this # in your cell, you'll be glad you did)