Mrs. Eat a Duck I Must Attempts to Go Green by Alice Zhao

My boss mentioned at work the other day that he finally bought a Whole Foods resusable grocery bag which reminded me that it was about time I got one too. But the DIY in me decided I could make one myself. I rummaged through all my leftover fabric scraps and stayed up til the wee hours of the night working on it. I think I managed to make a decent bag- wahoo!. It's a little girly which means I'll be forced to carry all the groceries, but hey we're trying to go green!
It's even reversible, but don't look too close at the stitching. It's not so pretty. The flower came from an old tshirt I was saving for this exact moment. I call it... destiny.
We shot this picture yesterday morning with the ingredients for lunch later that day. Can you guess what we're making? Um of course, a few key ingredients are not in this picture =P
Aren't you proud of me, JL?