Top Chef Masters' Quickfire Challenge, 06.24.09 / by Alice Zhao

These days, we absolutely love heading over to our friend's house every Wednesday to leech off of her cable tv for some major couch potato-ing. So You Think You Can Dance and Top Chef Masters line up my tv-viewing schedule. Tonight, I totally got excited when I found out that they had a food stylist and food photographer on the judges' panel for the quickfire challenge. Unforunately, not much else was mentioned besides their name and profession. I wished they did a 10 second clip of the food photographer's photos or the food stylist in action, but alas, that's not what the show is all about now is it? :)
The quickfire challenge was for each chef to create a dish based on the color they chose in a drawing. Here are the results.
Ludo Lefebvre
L'Orangerie, Ludo Bites
Red: Steak Tartare with Watermelon, Red Onions and Red Beet Gazpacho
Frenchie was pretty hilarious. Between his French accent, overconfidence and frantic frenzy in the kitchen, he made the show totally worth watching. I want more Ludo!
Cindy Pawlcyn
Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, Go Fish, Mustards Grill
Yellow: Yellow Vegetable Curry over Sweet Corn and Fried Corn Tortillas
Rick Bayless
Frontera Grill, Topolobampo
Green: Roasted Vegetables, Mole Verde with Tomatillos, Green Chilies and Pumpkin Seeds
Rick Bayless cracked me up because I am pretty sure he thought he was filming his own show the entire time. He kept talking into the camera explaining every detail in his typical tv persona style. Oh, Rick.
Wilo Benet
Pikayo, Paya, Varita
Orange: Smoked Salmon Tartare with Coconut Milk and Tomato Paste
As an amateur stylist and photographer, I would have chosen Rick's dish based soley on composition, use of color and textures, especially since I don't get to taste it! But I won't ruin the ending, so be sure to watch the reruns on Bravo!
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