Tricked by One's Nose / by Alice Zhao

I hustled to my bus stop this morning as it was cold and rainy and as usual I was supremely late.  I was feeling a little miserable but then I got what I'll call a memory whiff of Kobe, Japan.  Maybe it was the combination of the brisk wind, the raindrops falling on my head, the typical "city" smell and a dash of menthol in the air.  Whatever it was, it triggered my thoughts of our trip to Japan 2 years ago, where we spent 2 rainy days in Kobe. I then stood there and reminisced about all our yummy meals... okonomiyaki, yakisoba, sukiyaki, gigantic cream puffs and soh ice cream.  Ahhh what a life.  I think it's high time we head back there!
Anyways, Happy Monday!
An old pic from our travels.  They need to start selling this in the U.S. pronto!