Will the Real Beef and Broccoli Please Stand Up? / by Alice Zhao

Though I'm not against using regular broccoli for a beef and broccoli stir-fry (in fact, my parents made that quite often but I suspect that is because it was easier to get in the deep suburbs), I feel like a real chinese beef and broccoli dish needs to use gai lan. Jared used up the rest of the gai-lan we had in the fridge and cut up a steak we had frozen. Here is a general recipe of Jared's version of this dish (although I'll warn you that he does most things by taste so use your own judgement on quantities)

Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry Recipe:

Marinate the slices of beef with soy sauce, mirin and a little bit of baking soda as a tenderizer. Next heat up the wok and add about a table spoon of oil. Toss in the beef and let it sear until it is nice and brown, then take it out and place it aside.

Clean the wok and add another tablespoon of oil. Stir fry the chinese broccoli until the leaves are wilted. By now the stalks are still raw. Add some rice wine to deglaze the wok, then follow with some water and put the lid on to steam for about 5 mins. Drain the liquid from the broccoli then add the beef.

At this time, add the minced garlic. Tip: If you add the garlic too early in the process, it will burn and taste bitter. Add soy sauce and mirin to taste and finally add the corn starch slurry to make the sauce.

prepared by jxz